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    What is perfume?

    Perfume is a liquid cosmetic that is usually applied to the body to add smell and appeal. It is a mixture of aroma substances, alcohol and other additives.

    What are the classification of perfume?

    Perfumes are usually divided into several different categories, including strong perfume, perfume, eau de toilette and cologne. The fragrance of thick perfume is strong and lasting, the fragrance is slightly soft, the fragrance of eau de toilette is more gentle, and the cologne usually has a fresh fragrance.

    What is the use of perfume?

    The main use of perfume is to add personal scent and appeal. It can be used on various parts of the body, such as the neck, wrists and behind the ears, as well as on clothing. In addition, perfumes can also be used to improve the smell of air, such as spraying in a room or inside a car.

    What is the use of perfume?

    When using perfume, you can generally choose the way of spraying or smearing. When spraying perfume, usually aim the nozzle at the skin or clothing and gently press the nozzle. When applying perfume, you can gently touch a small amount of perfume with your fingers and apply it to your skin.

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