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    ÉTONNER Toura • Brand Traceability

    ÉTONNER Tourya is a modern international brand with French culture, fashion romance, freedom and luxury. Tourya brand started from Tourya car perfume and went on the market in 2012, and launched Tourya's first star product-fleeing Camalo perfume for the first time.

    About ÉTONNER Tourya

    Brand Introduction


    Toura perfume comes from France's Grasse EP Group. Jacques Lions, EP's current chairman and one of its founders, leads a team to carefully study the perfume formula to make Toura perfume more pure and lasting. Toura perfume draws on the soul of Glass perfume, contains elegant, romantic temperament, and fusion of popular elements, so that each perfume is injected with a unique fragrance soul. Toura perfume is mainly fresh and elegant human body fragrance. The main fragrance types are: cologne, ocean, true self, water of a lifetime, butterfly dance flying, elegant gentleman, wing of freedom, amber man, cold water ocean, jasmine, etc. Perfume styles include: Escape Camalo, Triumph Tour, Senna Sunrise, Chanson on the Left Bank, Encounter Angel Bay, Chanson through the Leap through Chamonix, Versailles Nocturne, Love in Provence, Loire in Love, Sengore in Love, etc.

    Toura car perfume fashion, elegant, modern, known as the car perfume in Chanel!

    Brand Design

    Brand VI

    Brand VI was designed by famous Italian designer Russell Haines. The perfume bottle is designed by the famous French designer Valerie Normain (once won the design red dot award). The perfume design adopts sports car streamlined design elements, full of smart and noble temperament.

    brand soul

    Brand designer Russell Haines uses the French national flower-iris as the design element, injecting the soul of the brand into ÉTONNER Toura, showing Toura's distinguished French ancestry and elegant French temperament.

    Product Design

    Product designer Valérie Nomain integrates the streamlined shape and smart temperament of BMW sports car into the design of Toura perfume. When people stare at Toura perfume, they will revel in its smart and noble!

    Tourya advocates the beauty of simplicity and pursues the inner quality of life of fashion, romance and freedom. Enjoy elegant life, bloom infinite charm.

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