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    After-sales policy

    Guangzhou Century Weiye Development Co., Ltd. Perfume Business After-sales Policy

    Dear customers,

    Thank you for choosing to purchase perfume products from Guangzhou Century Wei Page Development Co., Ltd. We attach great importance to your satisfaction and shopping experience. For this reason, we have formulated the following after-sales policy to ensure that you enjoy high-quality after-sales service after purchase.

    1. After-sales warranty period:

    We offer a 90-day after-sales warranty for your perfume. During this period, if you find that the product has quality problems or manufacturing defects, please contact us in time.

    2. After-sales service scope:

    Our after-sales service covers the following situations:

    -Perfume products have quality problems or manufacturing defects during normal use.

    -Fragrance packaging or accessories are damaged or missing.

    3. After-sales process:

    If you encounter problems during the after-sales warranty period, please follow the following procedures:

    -Contact our customer service team: please call our after-sales service hotline or send an email to the after-sales service mailbox, our customer service team will help you as soon as possible.

    -Provide relevant information: Please provide proof of purchase, product photo or detailed description of the problem, so that we can better understand the problem and deal with it.

    -After-sales processing: Once we have confirmed your after-sales application and verified the problem, we will provide you with one of the following solutions:

    -Replacement of new perfume products;

    -Repair or replace damaged packaging or accessories;

    -Refund your purchase money.

    4. After-sales service does not include:

    After-sales service does not include the following:

    -Problems caused by man-made damage, improper use or maintenance;

    -Perfume products have exceeded the after-sales warranty period.

    5. Other notes:

    -Please keep the proof of purchase or invoice as proof of after-sales service.

    -Please take good care of the packaging and accessories of the fragrance products to avoid unnecessary damage and loss.

    -After-sales service is only applicable to genuine goods perfume products purchased through official authorized channels. If you purchase products through unofficial channels, you may not be able to enjoy our after-sales service.

    We look forward to providing you with quality products and satisfactory after-sales service. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. I wish you a happy shopping!


    After-sales service department