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    Escape in Camargue

    Escape from Carmalo

    The Escape of the Carmelo is a unique and memorable perfume, which takes its name from the combination between the Latin word for "escape" and the French word for "Carmelo. This perfume represents the spirit of freedom and adventure, brings you a unique feeling and enthusiasm, and can let your breath radiate unique charm.

    The front notes of the Escape camaro perfume exudes charming citrus and bergamot aromas, bringing a fresh and energetic feeling. Subsequently, the mid-tone combines the floral scent of jasmine and rose, adding a touch of romance and feminine softness to the entire fragrance. Finally, the tone of the exodus from the Carmalo exudes a warm scent of sandalwood and amber, adding a touch of mystery and allure to the perfume.

    The bottle design of this perfume is simple and exquisite, the bottle presents a deep blue, symbolizing the endless vastness and wonder. The gold decoration on the bottle cap symbolizes luxury and light. The whole design reflects the bold, free and adventurous spirit, and the fragrance of the perfect fit.

    Escape Camalo is a perfume suitable for any occasion and season. Its unique atmosphere allows you to stand out from the crowd and become the focus of the crowd. Whether in the day or night, the escape Camalo can bring you confidence and charm, let you exude a charming atmosphere.

    Escape is a perfume suitable for modern women, it represents freedom, adventure and independence. Whether you're in the workplace, at a dinner party or on a date, Escape to the Camalos can be the best choice for you. Its aroma is persistent and long-lasting, keeping you confident and charming throughout the day.

    Choosing to flee Camalo, chose a unique breath and feeling. This perfume will become your hallmark, bringing you an experience of freedom and adventure, giving you an irresistible charm. Whether you use it yourself or give it as a gift, the escape Camaro will be an unforgettable choice.